Samsung Galaxy A32 SM-A325F Firmware Malaysia

Download Samsung Galaxy A32 Firmware with code SM-A325F Malaysia Android 13 for flashing support and software upgrade. Once again, we share flash files for Samsung Android smartphones. This is the umpteenth time we recommend firmware because it will be useful and help you make improvements to your Samsung Android device.

You will find it easy when you want to solve problems on your device. Like now, when the device cannot enter the Android system menu due to the boot loop. While charging, you may only see the device loading for a few minutes. Things like this naturally happen to smartphones.

Samsung Firmware

If you've just seen it, you must have felt that the device will no longer be used. Usually, such problems affect many or have special causes.

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But if it's stuck on the logo, it could be a system problem. You can check the last thing you saw on your smartphone. Have you recently installed a third-party app or need help finding the cause?

There are better times to think long and hard for a solution. You can flash the firmware to update the system, even if it's not easy. It makes sense if you do this faster.

This is so you can know the result. First, you have the necessary firmware. We recommend using the updated firmware version that was released. As much as possible, you will get optimization from the released software.

The firmware has been released for your device, namely Android OS 13. You can upgrade immediately if your device is still running Android OS 11. You can do this by using the Odin Flash Tool.

But it would be better if you also had a computer. Suppose you want to update the software version online. It would be best if you prepared a sufficient internet data quota.

If you want another way, you can download the firmware. As a flashing tutorial, you can listen to our tips as recommendations.

Version OS Date Code Size Binary
Android 13 01-02-2024 XME 5GB 7
Android 13 13-11-2023 XME 5GB 6
Android 13 25-08-2023 XME 5GB 6
Android 13 10-06-2023 XME 5GB 5
Android 13 25-04-2023 XME 5GB 4
Android 13 07-03-2023 XME 5GB 3
Android 13 14-01-2023 XME 5GB 2
Android 13 18-11-2022 XME 5GB 2
Android 12 16-08-2022 XME 5GB 2
Android 11 30-07-2022 XME 5GB 2
Android 12 09-07-2022 XME 5GB 2
Android 12 17-06-2022 XME 5GB 2
Android 12 25-04-2022 XME 5GB 2
Android 11 19-02-2022 XME 5GB 2
Android 11 19-01-2021 XME 5GB 2
Android 11 07-08-2021 XME 5GB 1
Android 11 08-07-2021 XME 5GB 1
Android 11 28-04-2021 XME 5GB 1
Android 11 01-04-2021 XME 5GB 1
Tools Driver File
Odin SAMSUNG USB Driver for Mobile Phones DOWNLOAD
Flashing Guide:

1. Extract the firmware file that you just downloaded, and you will get 5 files

2. Make sure the SAMSUNG driver is installed on your PC

3. Restart your phone in Odin mode

4. Once in download mode, connect your phone to the PC. It's better to use the original USB cable you got with your phone.

5. You will see that Odin will detect your device with a BLUE box and appear with a COM port number.

6. Add each file to each field in Odin according to the column names BL, AP, CP, and CSC. Use CSC files if you want to do a clean flash or HOME CSC if you want to save your applications and data.

7. Don't check the additional boxes; the only options to be checked are F Reset Time and Auto-Reboot.

8. Click the Start button, and wait for Odin to say 'PASSED' in the GREEN box.

9. After the flash, your phone will reboot, and you can disconnect your phone from the PC.

Please backup data before flashing. Before flashing, log out of the cloud service account or turn off the search phone. Before flashing, please confirm whether the flashing tool is the latest version.

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