FIRMWARE Samsung Galaxy M21 SM-M215F Malaysia

Download Samsung Galaxy M21 with code SM-M215F Region Malaysia stock firmware for all versions. It will help to upgrade your Samsung Android and make repairs. Flashing is a solution to fix boot loop issues, bugs, and application crashes and improve the stability and security of your Android device system.

FIRMWARE Samsung Galaxy M21 SM-M215F Malaysia

You can find the necessary flash files if you want to upgrade your Android OS. You can flash using Odin Flash Tool also via Windows Computer.

Software updates help to keep your device performing well. Each application will be updated to be more optimal. As you know, whenever there is a notification message to update urgently, you must select update immediately.

The latest Android OS has been released so that you can choose your more optimized device. You can download this file for your device. Before upgrading, ensure you first copy all your important data to your Computer.

This post will share the link regarding proper Samsung Galaxy M21 firmware support for your smartphone. The stock firmware version is equipped with tools that are usually used for flashing.

You can also select a hard reset as a destination to delete cache data accumulated in memory so that the memory space on your device doesn't look complete.

You can start using System Android Recovery to find the Wipe data command. This is so that the Android upgrade process doesn't stop due to insufficient space.

Now you can directly download the Samsung Galaxy M21 firmware. We have recommended it to you so that you can choose from several available versions and customize the code from your device.
Version OS Date Code Size
M215FXXU3CVH1 Android 12 13-08-2022 XME 4,5GB
M215FXXU2CVCC Android 12 02-04-2022 XME 4,5GB
M215FXXS2BVB7 Android 11 06-03-2022 XME 4,5GB
M215FXXS2BUK2 Android 11 11-12-2021 XME 4,5GB
M215FXXU2BUH6 Android 11 30-08-2021 XME 4,5GB
M215FXXU2BUG2 Android 11 02-08-2021 XME 4,5GB
M215FXXU2BUF1 Android 11 19-06-2021 XME 4,5GB
M215FXXU2BUD3 Android 11 04-05-2021 XME 4,5GB
M215FXXU2BUD1 Android 11 10-04-2021 XME 4,5GB
M215FXXU2BUC8 Android 11 25-03-2021 XME 4,5GB
M215FXXU2BUAC Android 11 16-01-2021 XME 4,5GB
M215FXXU2ATJ5 Android 10 30-10-2020 XME 4,5GB
M215FXXU2ATI9 Android 10 24-09-2020 XME 4,5GB
M215FXXU2ATG6 Android 10 27-07-2020 XME 4,5GB

Tools & Driver
Odin Flash Tool
Samsung USB Driver

Flashing Guide:

1. Extract the firmware file that you just downloaded, and you will get 5 files.

2. Make sure the SAMSUNG driver is installed on your Komputer.

3. Restart your phone in Odin mode.

4. Once in download mode, connect your phone to the Komputer. It's better to use the original USB cable you got with your phone.

5. You will see that Odin will detect your device with a BLUE box and appear with a COM port number.

6. Add each file to each field in Odin according to the column names BL, AP, CP, and CSC. Use CSC files if you want to do a clean flash or HOME CSC if you want to save your applications and data.

7. Don't check the additional boxes; the only options to be checked are F Reset Time and Auto-Reboot.

8. Click the Start button, and wait for Odin to say 'PASSED' in the GREEN box.

9. After the flash, your phone will reboot, and you can disconnect your phone from the Komputer.

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