6 Best Investment Types for Beginners

6 Best Investment Types for Beginners - People are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of financial security. Much of the investment is driven by increased digitalization and the Industry 4.0 revolution, which focuses on digital technology.

Everyone, especially beginners, must be more careful when choosing what they invest. Here are some types of beginner investments that you should should consider.

1. Recsa Fund

The most popular type of investment: Recsa Fund is a reasonably safe investment type for beginners, especially those with little funds or time. The rest of the fund is suitable for beginner investors who want fixed returns with low risk and who want to start with small capital.

You can choose from various funds, including money market, stock, sharia, mixed, and fixed-income funds. You can invest through investment managers, securities, and banks registered as fund seller agents.

2. Gold

Gold becomes a type of investment suitable for beginners just learning to invest. In addition to being an easy-to-understand way of investing, gold tends to increase in value every year. The value of gold will not be affected by inflation, unlike paper currencies. One of the other advantages of investing in gold is its high liquidity, which allows it to be liquidated quickly if someone needs funds.

You should check the price of gold on an official site, bidding, market, or trusted gold store before investing in gold. After that, you can choose to buy directly or via the Internet.

3. Stock Investment

Although stock investing is considered to have a high level of risk, beginners can still try it even if they have little capital in advance or invest in fundamental analysis, which allows investors to invest over long periods.

It is highly recommended for beginners to do research in advance on stocks. Choose stocks that have a good foundation and are suitable for the beginner. Beginners can use these investments as an excellent tool to learn how to invest.

4. Deposit

A deposit is an investment with less risk and profit that can be obtained within a certain period. As a deposit guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Agency (LPS), deposits are suitable for beginner investors.

The benefits offered by a deposit investment vary depending on the bank's policy. However, if your bank holds your deposits bankrupt, you can still get an entire deposit fund of Rs. 2 billion of the LPS. This gives beginner investors a sense of security and confidence when they want to invest their money.

5. State securities (SBN)

Bonds, or state securities, can be easily purchased online and are a type of investment debt the government can buy. The considerable return on this investment makes it safe for beginners.

SBN is an agreement between the issuing party to pay the coupon in exchange and repay the buyer's debt within a certain period. The SBN consists of three types: Retail Saving Bond (SBR), which is a state bond and then a savings bond; Sharia State Securities (SBSN); and Retail State Bonds (ORI). ORI is a government debt that is sold to retail investors.

6. Investment collection items

This type can start with a hobby you like; for example, if you like collecting luxury watches, you can make it a very promising asset in the future. However, you should carefully read the trends in the collection of goods.

Ancient motorcycles are other examples of investment. The antique motorcycle is a collection of collectors willing to pay a lot to get it.

The most common types of investments for beginners have been described here. Remember to research before deciding which type of investment best suits your risk profile.

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