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XiaoMi Flash Tool All Version DOWNLOAD

In this post, I share all versions of the Xiaomi Flash Tool, which you can download for free. This will help you work in flashing your Xiaomi smartphone and tablet. If you want to upgrade or downgrade MIUI, you can use this tool. XiaomiFlash Tool is the best and most recommended tool.

Any user can download all available versions of Mi Flash, and I recommend it. Xiaomi Mi Flash flashes the stock firmware as a file known as fast boot ROM.

Restoring a Xiaomi smartphone requires stock firmware that is always updated. For this reason, don't choose stock firmware that Xiaomi does not support. Discussing the Xiaomi Flash Tool. XiaomiFlash Tool is a utility developed by Xiaomi for their Android devices.

It has an important role and is used mainly to flash firmware, stock ROM, and custom ROM on Xiaomi smartphones and tablets.

Flashing is the process of installing or updating operating system software on a device. XiaomiFlash Tool allows users to perform these tasks by connecting their Xiaomi device to a computer and using an easy-to-understand interface.

XiaoMi Flash Tool All Version DOWNLOAD

Here are some common use cases for XiaomiFlash Tool:

1. Flashing Stock Firmware

Suppose your Xiaomi device encounters software-related problems, such as boot loop, crash, system error, deadboot, or other problems. In that case, you can use the XiaomiFlash Tool to flash the official stock firmware to restore your device to its original state.

2. Installing Custom ROM

Advanced users who want to customize their Xiaomi devices can use the XiaomiFlash Tool to install a custom ROM, which is a modified version of the Android operating system.

3. Recovery

Xiaomi Flash can also recover bricked Xiaomi devices, which may happen if the flashing process fails, or you install incompatible software.

If you now need XiaoMiFlash for ROM flashing purposes, get the respective versions of the Miflash tool from the direct download link open to you for free.

Version Update Date File Size
07-05-2022 73,6MB
18-02-2022 73,6MB
13-08-2021 72,2MB
26-02-2021 66,4MB
14-02-2020 69,8MB
06-12-2019 82,1MB
11-11-2019 82,1MB
30-10-2019 82,1MB
15-11-2018 76,7MB
28-05-2018 49,8MB
12-12-2017 35,1MB
25-04-2017 45,3MB
22-12-2016 42,3MB
30-08-2016 31,2MB
01-04-2016 28,5MB
28-01-2015 26,6MB
31-07-2015 28,3MB
01-06-2015 26MB
07-11-2014 26MB

How to Use MiFlashTool to Flash ROM

1. Charge your Xiaomi smartphone until the battery level is above 50%.

2. Download the Xiaomi Mi Max/Prime MIUI Global Stable ROM and MiFlashTool firmware from the link above. Check whether the ROM file naming format should be (.tgz). If the format is (.gz), rename it to (.tgz).

3. Turn off your Xiaomi smartphone. Press the Volume Down and Power buttons together to enter Fastboot mode. Connect to Windows PC/laptop via micro-USB cable.

4. Double-click the downloaded ROM file to decompress it. Open the decompressed ROM package file folder and copy the path to the computer.

5. Decompress the downloaded MiFlashTool. Double-click to install on your Windows PC/laptop. If there is a security warning, select 'Run'. After installation, open MiFlash.exe and paste it into the address page of the ROM file folder copied in the last step.

6. Click the Refresh button, and MiFlash will detect your Xiaomi smartphone.

7. Click the Flash button to start flashing the ROM file to your Xiaomi device.

8. Wait until the progress bar on MiFlash turns green, meaning the ROM has been successfully installed on your device. The device will automatically restart with the latest version.

9. If there are problems on the reboot page after the ROM flash is complete, select Wipe Data via Recovery Mode. To do this, turn off your Xiaomi first, then press and hold the Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously to enter Recovery Mode. Then, select Wipe all data, then reboot the system.

Note: It is important to note that using the Xiaomi Flash Tool requires technical knowledge, as there are risks, including the possibility of damaging your device if not used properly.

Additionally, the steps and compatibility may vary depending on your specific Xiaomi device model.

Before using the XiaomiFlash Tool or attempting to flash any firmware, back up your data and carefully follow the instructions for your specific device by Xiaomi or the developer community, additionally, make sure you have installed the necessary drivers on your computer and that you are using the correct firmware file for your device.

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