Download Samsung Galaxy A14 5G SM-A146P Firmware

For software updates and repair help for your Samsung smartphone, download the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G firmware with model code SM-A146P, all versions full flash as a file. You can select the firmware code based on the desired software version and region code.

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G SM-A146P Firmware

This ROM can fix software-related bricks, deadboots, boot loop issues, inefficient system applications, and system faults.

Your Samsung Android smartphone can have such serious issues that it needs to be fixed immediately and flashed using the Odin Flash Tool.

Taking care of the most recent Samsung Galaxy A14 smartphone is necessary. Furthermore, unexpected things might occur if you don't use it carefully.

On January 12, 2023, Samsung officially unveiled the high-tech Galaxy A14 5G. It sports a 6.6-inch PLS LCD with a refresh rate 90Hz and a resolution of 1080x2408 pixels.

It is impossible to overstate this smartphone's benefits. The Exynos 1330 chipset that powers it, along with Android 13 -- the most recent version of Android -- and One UI Core 5 -- are the reasons behind this.

Fixing your smartphone's system is the best way to flash the Samsung A14 firmware. You can pick one of these recommendations to restore your device.

If you decide to use a different approach, such as doing a factory data reset, don't wait if your device routinely lags. This app can restore Your smartphone's settings to their original state.

However, flashing the firmware is the best option if the current bug problem is not fixed or the device is stuck in the boot loop. To assist you in obtaining the stock ROM, we will first offer you some recommendations.

Before a software repair, you can download every Samsung Galaxy A14 firmware version based on the local country code. Get support for the Samsung USB Driver and the Odin Flash Tool. When you're ready, you can set up the flash steps by following a method or guide that is somewhat straightforward.

Version OS Date Size Region
A146PXXU3BWF1 Android 13 10062023 4,7GB Singapore
A146PXXU3BWF1 Android 13 10062023 4,7GB Malaysia
A146PXXU3BWF1 Android 13 20062023 4,7GB Indonesia
A146PXXU3BWF1 Android 13 14062023 4,7GB Taiwan
A146PXXU3BWF1 Android 13 10062023 4,7GB Thailand
A146PXXU3BWF1 Android 13 10062023 4,7GB Philippines
A146PXXU3BWF1 Android 13 10062023 4,7GB Vietnam
A146PXXU3BWF1 Android 13 10062023 4,7GB United Kingdom
A146PXXU3BWF1 Android 13 10062023 4,7GB Saudi Arabia
A146PXXU3BWF1 Android 13 10062023 4,7GB Australia
A146PXXU3BWF1 Android 13 10062023 4,7GB New Zealand
A146PXXU3BWF1 Android 13 10062023 4,7GB United Arab Em
A146PXXU3BWF1 Android 13 12062023 4,7GB Italy
Tools Driver File
Odin SAMSUNG USB Driver for Mobile Phones DOWNLOAD

Note: You can upgrade and fix software using this guide. During this process, all data will be lost. Ensure you have previously backed up the data; stop and reconsider before moving forward.

Flashing Guide:

1. After extracting the firmware file you downloaded, five files will be produced.

2. Verify that your computer has the SAMSUNG driver installed.

3. Perform a phone restart in Odin mode.

4. Connect your phone to the computer after it is in download mode; using the USB cable with your phone is preferable.

5. Odin will show up with a BLUE box indicating that it has detected your device and a COM port number.

6. In accordance with the titles of the columns BL, AP, CP, and CSC, add each file to each field in Odin. If you want to perform a clean flash, use CSC files; if you want to save your applications and data, use HOME CSC files.

7. Only the F Reset Time and Auto-Reboot checkboxes should be selected; leave the other options unchecked.

8. Press Start and wait for Odin to display the word "PASSED" in the GREEN box.

9. Your phone will reboot following the flash, at which point you can unplug it from the computer.

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